You are the person behind the mask

Whether that mask is a hood or a screen.

You are not the intent.

You are not the bear poker.

You are the bigot at the keys.


You cannot claim to accept with one hand

And with the other

Hold down the ones you “accept.”

Culture and people are not costumes

To be used once a year or when it’s convenient.


You are the person who said those things to hurt others.

You cannot apologize –

Intent means nothing.

Intent will not undo what you did.

Intent will not erase the pain you caused.


You are that bigot.

You can change,

But you cannot change the past.

Not with an apology –

Not with empty words –

Not with prayers.


I don’t care what you intended.

I don’t care about your empty apology.

Fill that apology.

Change your actions.







I have no need for your hollow platitudes.

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