Rereading My Childhood – A Year With the BSC #1: First Letter

Unfortunately, I missed Jessi’s birthday, but Claudia’s is next Wednesday.014.jpg

This must take place after Dawn moves back with her father. I’m not sure if this game run concurrently with California Diaries. (I’ll get to those books eventually.)


Even though I missed Jessi’s birthday, Mallory was kind enough to write down what they did. Apparently, they extorted money from the seven-year-olds they babysit to save some horse in California that they’ll never see.


By July 3rd, Dawn was back, but she hasn’t written in the journal. Some of us can’t see what’s going on unless you write in the journal, Dawn.


And I finally got my first letter! It’s from Kristy and it’s about my best friend (and partner, btw) Jon. You know what’s a weird thing to do? Mention that you do some fun activities with your friend and then don’t say what those activities are. I told you about how Jon and I watch YouTube (or, in this case, Let’s Plays). The least you could do is tell me a little about what you and Mary Anne do.


I love Kristy’s personalized stationery. Maybe I’ll open up the old Stationary Maker in the Friendship Kit and make my own stationery. Then I’ll write a letter to one of my favorite podcasts, LetterTalk. (Full disclosure, that’s my sister.)



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