Rereading My Childhood – A Year With the BSC #53: Back to the Beginning

A Year With the BSC is an informal series wherein I explore the 1990’s CD-ROM video game The Baby-sitters Club Friendship Kit. The game is more of a personal organizer; it features with a calendar, an address book, a stationary kit, a flyer maker, and a personality profile. I’m focusing on the more interesting aspect of the game: the personalized letters and the journal entries. The full list of entries can be found at

That’s it! We’ve done it! We’re at our last entry before we’re back to the beginning. And what an entry it is!


You know, I’m not going to visit anyone anymore. I spent a year with Stoneybrook’s premier baby-sitting service and, while I’m not sure how many entries there are (yet) and how much time I spent with the BSC, I feel like I learned more about how I feel about each member.

Kristy is the consummate leader and drives all the journal topics.

Mallory has the largest handwriting.

You’d think that Mary Anne’s handwriting would be the most legible, but Kristy’s is easier to read.

Jessi writes a lot and then disappears for a while.

Dawn is barely there.

Stacey never wrote me a letter.

Abby is a bit of a suck-up.

And Claudia – what can I say? You should spend more time spell checking your entries. Or at least stop misspelling words two different times in the same entry.

It’s been quite the year and now I have free time to write more of the long-form reviews on the books. Until next time!



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